friday has come and gone …. not much happened , a quiet beer and a DVD ..  the wolves that have been knocking at my door have been sent away with there tails between there legs… some  problems on the outside seem bigger than they are , this was the case with mine .. i went to see a lawyer about my physio bill , and he agreed that the physio should take responsibility for his mistakes, so that will half the bill….i can live with that……as for the fine in australia a quick phone call and it was all over… hopefully no more dramas for a while . i will sit back and enjoy the weekend 

one for the road

green lip mussels

green lip mussels

green lip mussels

this is my seafood risotto recipe has taken a few attempts to get how i like it……

       about 12 green lip mussels  ( a cup and a half after cooked and shelled )

      1 fillet of fish chopped up into small pieces ( about a cup and a half )

      2 spring onions cut up

      1 clove of garlic crushed

      3/4 cup of arborio risotto rice

      1 tablespoon oil

      1 teaspoon chilli flakes or fresh

      1 teaspoon sugar


 boil a litre of water in a pot  and add a third of the mussels ,cook them untill they open..remove …repete untill all are cooked…save the water…. 

remove all mussels from there shells

put rice , oil , garlic and chilli in a frying pan on medium heat …add a ladle of mussel stock and a ladle of water….

let the rice absorb the liquid and add more stock and water .the mussel stock can be strong so keep tasting and cut back if need be..continue this untill the rice is almost soft , then add the sugar ..just enough to take the edge off the chilli and the mussel stock …  chop the mussels then add them and the onions as well as the fish to the rice and cover . keep on heat untill fish is cooked .this shouldn’t long ………eat


a happy blog

it is said that we make our own luck , and mine of late hasn’t been that flash …so today i will write a happy blog to see if i can change it… first i will start with a happy photo….

gettin along

and only happy thoughts from here on in … ian dury and the blockheads had a song titled “reasons to be cheerful ” here are some

its sunny out

i had a excellent weekend

talked to my friend andy in oz

going to spend christmas in auckland

going camping on a beach at christmas

having a seafood risotto for tea

i can tell you that this exercise has worked already as the risotto has worked out perfect ,this is the result of many attempts.. the trick was a teaspoon of sugar it sweetens up the chilli……..




the wolves are at my door


i'll huff and i'll puff

  when things are not happening for you , it seems that every one turns on you … with the lay off’s at work over (  my position going , taking a drop in wage to stay on the shop floor) and still not enough work to keep us busy.. you would think that the world would leave me alone for a while , not so… just as i was going to embark on my trip to auckland i though i would check my e-mails , bad move .. some time ago i sold a car in australia and dropped the ownership papers into the V/A and returned to NZ . should have been the end of it.. the person who brought the car didn’t drop his part of the papers in , so now it would appear i was in the wrong  …… so in the post , a fine for $ 100 .. i’ll ring and sort it out ( just a hassle)……………… so off to auckland for the weekend , and just the BEST weekend , didnt want to leave…… tonight  after a good day at work , lately these have been few and far between , i get a phone call from a physio .. now this guy told me the work he was doing on me would be covered by ACC , after two trips he told me ACC would NOT cover it  . . . now i have no problems paying my bills , i am in talks with ACC over this one and we are working through it … the physio thinks that i should pay , my problem is i would not have the treatment had i known i would have to pay ……the wolves maybe at the door but what they don’t know is if you back this rat into a corner it will come out fighting

a long weekend

well the wait is over the long weekend has started… 4 days off ….i have a good book ,iPod is charged up , tickets booked , packed , a good bottle of wine , an easy bus trip , Auckland here i come ……..oh i do miss the big city’s , my favorite is Inverness(love that river) ,it’s been a long time since i have been there ……but for now Auckland with its traffic and people will make a welcome change of pace ……. see you Tuesday                                            



mid life crisis

on ya bike

on ya bike

i had a friend say to me , not so long ago , that there are three things i could do to ease my up coming mid life crisis , (1) find a young woman , this would mean a major make over ,  not a road i want to go down. (2)  buy a sport’s car , this of course would play hell with my comb over. (3)  buy a skate board , how long untill i break something important?… so i decided the best thing i could do is get some exercise , take the push bike out and start to walk instead of driving  .. i had a vehicle in storage last year and sold it at the beginning of this year.. it’s coming up to a year since i have driven a vehicle regularly. i now take public transport when i need to go further than my bike will take me ..this takes longer than driving but there is no stress .other good things about not having a vehicle is i have on idea the price of petrol, registration , insurance or warrant of fitnesses.. I am going  to Auckland this weekend and will be on a bus for many hours , for this trip  i’ll slip on my iPod and read , there will be no cursing bad drivers , trucks or watching out for cops or speed cameras ( not that i used to speed) .. this in its self will add years to my life and no doubt without me driving this will add years to the other road uses lives…so hopfully it will be a few more years before i need to take my friend’s advice…………….