lenin said “a capitalist will sell you the rope with which you will use to hang him” or something to that effect. this is not the type of capitalist i want to be ,  one with a sore neck.  i think some people beleave i would have a social conscience and donate the rope for the good of the people… in a way we are asked to do this by the financial sector . as the market fails and our investments ,meager as they are , fail as well . so off to the bank cap in hand  to the very people who started it , only to face higher interest rates to try and save what we have left(give them the rope)

as we face lay offs we are asked to make cut backs in our working conditions to save jobs, as we were twenty years ago . and we know from twenty years ago that these conditions we give up are not returned when times are flush .  we will pay for other peoples follies with our jobs , conditions and investments . so at this rate, to make ends meet, i will sell the rope to anyone . a capitalist at last, worry about the neck later

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