a child is missing and the police are wanting to talk to an asian woman seen walking her dog……. step up  neighbourhood watch , you could almost hear the cry from here THERE SHE IS …GETHA as they harassed an innocent woman taking her pooch for its evening walk .. mind you anyone could have made this mistake as she fitted the description perfectly (short with dark hair) and she DID have a dog.. even in this day and age the mob mentally is alive and well ,but the worst of it is that its alive in the very people who should have been preventing their own actions………   there is a difference between a good Samaritan and a yobbo with a torch and pitch fork.. the problem in this country is mention asian and the good Samaritan buggers off into the garden shed looking for  his implement of choice.. we are simply not happy unless we are bashing someone for choosing to live in the same country as us. today its asian ,who will it be tomorrow……………………………

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