a good spot

3269775-Oamaruwhen i’m working away form home for long periods of time i get into a routine as normal people would at home . on fridays i knock off at 2 oclock get out of my work clothes and head out for coffee and cake sometimes to the same place , when i have found one i like.. a couple of years ago i was working at temuka and every friday i would drive to timaru and  hit the sea view cafe and  this was fine  untill one saturday , that i had off , i drove through to oamaru …it is an amazing place ,i have seen all of new zealand but in the old part of town are the most stunning buildings i have seen, well after looking in all the second hand shops i was feeling a bit peckish ..i drove around the harbour to the penguin colony (no i didn’t spit roast a penguin ) . there was a cafe there , H2O it was called , sometimes when you least expect it you find a gem ..after that i spent my friday afternoons there . it was easy an hour away but well worth the effort….


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