central plains water

central plains water are disipointed  today because there plans to build a 55 metre high dam in the waianiwaniwa valley was knocked back . on the news a spokesman  for CPW was telling us that this was not good for the shareholders .  ..no doubt their plan was even worse for the people of the waianiwaniwa valley.. why should we feel a duty to the shareholders ?  their concerns are solely fiscal , they will not have to leave their homes ,their community and watch their beautiful valley flooded.. all this is so they can irrigate another valley , which no doubt they own , and is to arid for dairy farming.. in one stroke they will destroy two eco systems … arid land is as necessary as wetlands ,swamps and forests . its time we stopped bowing down to disgruntled shareholders and the dairy industry and at least try to live up to our clean green image………………


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