waiting for the axe to fall

this coming week the axe will fall on 9 of our staff , there are only twenty eight of us, my position will go but as a supervisor / worker i will move back into the rank and file.. this move will cost me in wages. hopefully not my job . i was sitting across the table from a man who has just (2 weeks ago) purchased three vehicles for himself and office staff ,  i find it a hard pill to swallow . its management like this that put us where we are ..i almost  brought the pill back up when i was told  we  ALL have to tighten our belts..we’ll be in the dole queue long before the new car smell is gone…. do these people think that we are stupid .this is something you don’t forget , as soon as there are other jobs available i’ll be gone .     ………………….. to all in the same position as myself and my work mates /friends ..

good luck

One thought on “waiting for the axe to fall

  1. Oh – I am so sorry, for you and the rest losing their jobs. It sucks.

    Really like your new header – great photo

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