mid life crisis

on ya bike

on ya bike

i had a friend say to me , not so long ago , that there are three things i could do to ease my up coming mid life crisis , (1) find a young woman , this would mean a major make over ,  not a road i want to go down. (2)  buy a sport’s car , this of course would play hell with my comb over. (3)  buy a skate board , how long untill i break something important?… so i decided the best thing i could do is get some exercise , take the push bike out and start to walk instead of driving  .. i had a vehicle in storage last year and sold it at the beginning of this year.. it’s coming up to a year since i have driven a vehicle regularly. i now take public transport when i need to go further than my bike will take me ..this takes longer than driving but there is no stress .other good things about not having a vehicle is i have on idea the price of petrol, registration , insurance or warrant of fitnesses.. I am going  to Auckland this weekend and will be on a bus for many hours , for this trip  i’ll slip on my iPod and read , there will be no cursing bad drivers , trucks or watching out for cops or speed cameras ( not that i used to speed) .. this in its self will add years to my life and no doubt without me driving this will add years to the other road uses lives…so hopfully it will be a few more years before i need to take my friend’s advice…………….

5 thoughts on “mid life crisis

  1. We are the only one’s that bring on our life crisis’s. No one to blame for them but ourselves. Beleive me I know.

    Keep smiling. Just be you. No make over’s, sports cars or skateboards. Just be you.

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