the wolves are at my door


i'll huff and i'll puff

  when things are not happening for you , it seems that every one turns on you … with the lay off’s at work over (  my position going , taking a drop in wage to stay on the shop floor) and still not enough work to keep us busy.. you would think that the world would leave me alone for a while , not so… just as i was going to embark on my trip to auckland i though i would check my e-mails , bad move .. some time ago i sold a car in australia and dropped the ownership papers into the V/A and returned to NZ . should have been the end of it.. the person who brought the car didn’t drop his part of the papers in , so now it would appear i was in the wrong  …… so in the post , a fine for $ 100 .. i’ll ring and sort it out ( just a hassle)……………… so off to auckland for the weekend , and just the BEST weekend , didnt want to leave…… tonight  after a good day at work , lately these have been few and far between , i get a phone call from a physio .. now this guy told me the work he was doing on me would be covered by ACC , after two trips he told me ACC would NOT cover it  . . . now i have no problems paying my bills , i am in talks with ACC over this one and we are working through it … the physio thinks that i should pay , my problem is i would not have the treatment had i known i would have to pay ……the wolves maybe at the door but what they don’t know is if you back this rat into a corner it will come out fighting


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