green lip mussels

green lip mussels

green lip mussels

this is my seafood risotto recipe has taken a few attempts to get how i like it……

       about 12 green lip mussels  ( a cup and a half after cooked and shelled )

      1 fillet of fish chopped up into small pieces ( about a cup and a half )

      2 spring onions cut up

      1 clove of garlic crushed

      3/4 cup of arborio risotto rice

      1 tablespoon oil

      1 teaspoon chilli flakes or fresh

      1 teaspoon sugar


 boil a litre of water in a pot  and add a third of the mussels ,cook them untill they open..remove …repete untill all are cooked…save the water…. 

remove all mussels from there shells

put rice , oil , garlic and chilli in a frying pan on medium heat …add a ladle of mussel stock and a ladle of water….

let the rice absorb the liquid and add more stock and water .the mussel stock can be strong so keep tasting and cut back if need be..continue this untill the rice is almost soft , then add the sugar ..just enough to take the edge off the chilli and the mussel stock …  chop the mussels then add them and the onions as well as the fish to the rice and cover . keep on heat untill fish is cooked .this shouldn’t long ………eat



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