a Gin day

its hot enough for a gin today!!!!!  G and T anyone?a gin sling maybe ?or  one of theeeessssssseeeeeeeee

yum ………

i’m off for the weekend …see you Tuesday….


its been a tough week……..

you expect the occasional tough day  but i have had a week of them… it started with promise , the power company gave me a hundred dollars worth of free power, that was saturday ,  i have a prepaid system here so i was in a bookshop/post shop to top up when i found this out.. this ment i had cash , in pocket , in a book shop …i have been thinking of getting the new book by witi ihimaera but i had heard it had been brought back by witi because of problems with plagiarism.. the book shop still had them ..   the first few chapters live up to the reviews , a dam good read, so i am attempting to read two books at the same time ..this is something my ordered mind has problems with , complete one task before starting another or you will spontaneously combust….all of this set to a backdrop of bad vibes at work ..it is suprising how a small amount of bad taints the a large amount of happiness.. as we are trying to work through this recession it seems that the full responsiblity for it lies heavily on the shoulders of the worker and we will be reminded on a daily basis ,god willing we will pay for our crimes with our wages and conditions so the profit margins don’t wane………… on a good note , i’m off to Auckland on friday for four days ..my first paid holiday in twenty years…

chalk and cheese

milk pasteurization plant

a few years ago i built and installed this plant… it was used to pasteurize milk . at the time i was self-employed , the company i was working for left me with a client who was extremely hard to deal with.. this should have been an enjoyable job as it was over summer and in the most spectacular part of the world , set in native bush with a stream running past , i would sit outside on the grass by the stream in the shade of a totara tree for all my breaks.. all the aggravation would drift away in the light summer breeze… i was staying in a motor camp that over looked the ocean ,the  perfect job …. the client was so hard to deal with it over shadowed the entire job.. it was the reason that i was getting no help from the people i was working for , even they didn’t want deal with him…at the end of the job i made a prediction that this plant wouldn’t last under his control … about a year ago i heard that part of the plant was to be sold and they would only be making cheese …i read in the paper today that this has failed as well …on doubt the rest of it will be sold off …i don’t enjoy seeing my jobs being taken apart . ………what a waste of a nice plant…….

food for thought


Kate moss is in the news this week .she made a statement that has the glamor world up in arms. “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”  .this is a catch phrase anorexic people use . this is not what a model should be promoting . i think that the womens fashion industry needs to take a leaf from the mens .. with the men they use models that look healthy and that over rides all other so-called quality .within the womens industry they use models that they ,women , perceive as attractive  but are thin and unhealthy looking , not attractive to men… it all comes down to natural selection , if you want your offspring to survive you would pick a mate that is NOT starving…whether we like it or not we are still controled by animal instincts…

  So here are ten things that i think  taste better than skinny feels….

 deep fried chicken feet

 pork crackling

crispy fried duck

hangi cooked wild pork (any hungi food)

beef massman

pumpkin soup

scrambled eggs/salmon/capers

rad nah

carrot cake

sea food chowder

its time

its time to look for another job ..things are still quiet out there in workland ..i have been making esquires and telling the usual suspects that i am looking around..with hope something will come up in the new year …..


when i started my trade it was in a transition from craft to a skilled base trade and since then has changed again to  technology based manufacturing and we have lost the craft skills that first attracted me ..i have always had leanings to the crafts, to manufacture quality products by hand.. here are some amazing crafts

AFK knives . awesome art
and again
i want one