pest control

i see that an ex armed defender is saying that we should tighten the laws on firearms , of all people he should know that it is the person holding the firearm that dose the killing . he said that we should only be allowed a firearm that is 2 shot bolt-action … this means that after 2 shots  we would have to reload ,slowing the system down .sounds like a good idea untill you start using firearms for pest control. and in this country that is there main use . an example of this is the easter rabbit shoot in the south island , the rabbits are in plague proportions , a 2 shot weapon would be ineffective and the numbers killed would be far less than is needed for control.. rabbits are not the only pest we need to eradicate. DOC land is plagued by goats , pigs,deer and possums shoot goats in a herd you need more than 2 shots as the herd will scatter before you can reload and the kill rate would drop. possums sleep in pairs and are best shot just on dusk  just before they start moving ,when they start moving they are harder to find so time is an issue. i use an 11 shot .22 rifle with a laser sight this gives a quick and efficient kill , so what only takes a night would take a week with a lesser weapon… i agree that we need to stop the wrong people getting weapons , this is not done by changing the firearms this is done toughening the law that allows us to get a license.. we cannot afford  to lose our forest and farmlands to pests because the wrong people are allowed firearms………….



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