from famine to feast


The Stand

the beginning of last week i found myself out of books to read .. i thought that i would last the week easy enough and pick something up in Napier( i live in Hastings ) in the weekend .. there is a good second-hand book shop there.. after six days i was bouncing off the walls, this is the longest i have been without a book since i can remember . saturday came around and off i went , got off the bus and straight to the book shop ..found a copy of The Stand .. its been a long time since i have read it ..and i found a Robert Heinlein book The Number Of The Beast , one of his i haven’t read, i left the book shop looking for a cafe to have a coffee and a read…on the way i walked past whitcalls and in the window was Ben Elton’s latest ..i went in just for a look and while i was there i found Terry Pratchett has i new book out… my four favourite authors all in one day..the last two will have to wait ,a christmas present to myself


2 thoughts on “from famine to feast

  1. God, yes – thats a bloody long time to go without a book. I to am looking forward to TPs new book. Will probably wait till it’s in paperback though.

    Been ages since I’ve read The Stand. Might have to get it out of the library.

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