robert burns

a few years ago i came across a robert burns book simply called burns.. it has an embossed suede cover and an inscription in the inside cover, in the most beautiful hand writing i’ve seen, dated 24 april 1910.. this is one of my most favorite books  and it is in good condition…. over the years i have read bits and pieces from it ….this is one that i like……

Fair Empress of the Poet’s soul,

And Queen of Poetesses;

Clarinda, take this little boon,

This humble pair of glasses.


And fill them high with generous juice,

As generous your mind;

And pledge me in the generous toast-

“The whole of human kind!”


“To those who love us !” – second fill;

But not to those whom we love;

Lest we love those who love us not!

A third-“to thee and me, Love!”


Long may we live! long may we love,

And long may we be happy!

And may we never want a glass

Well charg’d with generous nappy!

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