hawkes bay

this weekend i decided to get out and about on the bike , as spring is here.. the only problem with spring is the weather , picking the right day to go out is a must … on saturday i decided that it was just right and going to be good all day .. i have wanted to ride the cycle track and pathway from Havelock North and Napier  . to do this it was half an hour ride to Havelock and this is mostly up hill …this wasn’t to bad ..the track is along the top of a stop bank and is an easy ride with awesome vistas of the hawkes bay, passing  vineyards etc… took three hours to get to Napier , into a head wind, and by the time i got there i was shagged… found a nice cafe and relaxed for a while… it was soon time to head back and with a tail wind i though it would be an easy ride..not so as parts of me did not want to get back on the bike or sit on the saddle … it only took just over an hour to get home as i took the road rather than the track .. i got home and ran a bath ,  made a big  gin and tonic and soaked my bones , a few  g and t’s and i couldn’t feel anything … it was a 55k round trip and i think it was well worth it and will do it again ……………..





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