motorcycle acc levies

 i have been a motorcyclist myself and i know that some accidents are caused by cars as well as the road conditions , other road users etc . but the fact remains that motorcyclist have accidents ,  to ask them to pay levies that are in proportion to the cost of recovery is not unfair .. having been self-employed i have paid my share of acc levies both as  an employee and employer…these levies were set by the proportion of accidents within my trade . meaning the more accidents the greater the recovery costs the greater the levies.. this is how it works ….. motorcyclist must take responsiblity for their treatment , as a group… to take one section of the public and give them relief puts a greater burden on the rest.. the irony of all this is after the weekend motorcycle rally, protesting acc levies , one motorcyclist failed to take a corner and broke a leg ……it’s time to increase the levies so the rest of us don’t have to cover YOUR cost.

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