food for thought


Kate moss is in the news this week .she made a statement that has the glamor world up in arms. “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”  .this is a catch phrase anorexic people use . this is not what a model should be promoting . i think that the womens fashion industry needs to take a leaf from the mens .. with the men they use models that look healthy and that over rides all other so-called quality .within the womens industry they use models that they ,women , perceive as attractive  but are thin and unhealthy looking , not attractive to men… it all comes down to natural selection , if you want your offspring to survive you would pick a mate that is NOT starving…whether we like it or not we are still controled by animal instincts…

  So here are ten things that i think  taste better than skinny feels….

 deep fried chicken feet

 pork crackling

crispy fried duck

hangi cooked wild pork (any hungi food)

beef massman

pumpkin soup

scrambled eggs/salmon/capers

rad nah

carrot cake

sea food chowder

2 thoughts on “food for thought

  1. Sorry mate but those chicken feet are a leeetle bit scary.

    OMG – crispy fried duck!!! MMMMMMMMM, hangi!!!

    Almond Croissants
    Spinach Paneer with Coconut Roti
    Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagels (with dill)
    Belgium Butter Cake
    Rare Roast Beef

    ahh – nothing like a touch of food porn to end the evening 😉

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