chalk and cheese

milk pasteurization plant

a few years ago i built and installed this plant… it was used to pasteurize milk . at the time i was self-employed , the company i was working for left me with a client who was extremely hard to deal with.. this should have been an enjoyable job as it was over summer and in the most spectacular part of the world , set in native bush with a stream running past , i would sit outside on the grass by the stream in the shade of a totara tree for all my breaks.. all the aggravation would drift away in the light summer breeze… i was staying in a motor camp that over looked the ocean ,the  perfect job …. the client was so hard to deal with it over shadowed the entire job.. it was the reason that i was getting no help from the people i was working for , even they didn’t want deal with him…at the end of the job i made a prediction that this plant wouldn’t last under his control … about a year ago i heard that part of the plant was to be sold and they would only be making cheese …i read in the paper today that this has failed as well …on doubt the rest of it will be sold off …i don’t enjoy seeing my jobs being taken apart . ………what a waste of a nice plant…….


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