its been a tough week……..

you expect the occasional tough day  but i have had a week of them… it started with promise , the power company gave me a hundred dollars worth of free power, that was saturday ,  i have a prepaid system here so i was in a bookshop/post shop to top up when i found this out.. this ment i had cash , in pocket , in a book shop …i have been thinking of getting the new book by witi ihimaera but i had heard it had been brought back by witi because of problems with plagiarism.. the book shop still had them ..   the first few chapters live up to the reviews , a dam good read, so i am attempting to read two books at the same time ..this is something my ordered mind has problems with , complete one task before starting another or you will spontaneously combust….all of this set to a backdrop of bad vibes at work is suprising how a small amount of bad taints the a large amount of happiness.. as we are trying to work through this recession it seems that the full responsiblity for it lies heavily on the shoulders of the worker and we will be reminded on a daily basis ,god willing we will pay for our crimes with our wages and conditions so the profit margins don’t wane………… on a good note , i’m off to Auckland on friday for four days first paid holiday in twenty years…


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