the last post





a brand new morepork


the last post of the year.     



And surely ye’ll be your pint-stowp,     

And surely I’ll be mine;     

And we’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet     

For auld lang syne.  




see you in the new year     

cheers Morporc     


district 9

christmas is a good time for movie buffs like me … all the good movies are released on dvd .. tonight i rented two … transformers two , this has to be the worst film i have seen in a long time , it just dragged out for over two hours .. the good part was the cat nap i had in the middle , and i still didn’t lose track of the plot……..

then i watched district 9 .. this is the most awesome film i have seen this year .. it was an original story line and had traces of early peter jacksons gore films ,but was not in itself a gore film… it was so well done i will watch it again tonight…. 5 star……..

richard ponder

richard ponder is my favorite artist..back in 1975 an art critic said ” these are the worst paintings i have ever seen. i advise you to stop painting.” what do you think ? im glad he didn’t………

death and taxes

death and taxes

last week finished with 97 hours done in 8 days been a long time since i have done anything that stupid ..the only people who benefit are inland revenue and the undertaker . i still managed a couple of blogs but didn’t get any reading done ….on friday i was taken to the cricket test in napier and watched the first day  from a corporate box as a thank you for the big week . by saturday i was ready to read anything  and i did .. all weekend that was all i done from sun up to sun down ,what a marvelous weekend .. at this time i would like to thank stephen king for the stand , well done , a champion effort.. the undertaker has been kept at bay and inland revenue has been paid and a little bit left over for me , just before christmas .. so all is well in the nest of this morporc………..

public enemies


i have just watched a film about john dillinger… i found it a bit dragged out but not a bad watch… as i always do after watching a true story , i went onto the net to see how accurate the film was and see how close the actor/actress looks to the real thing … while i was on the net i came across a site with all the big names in american crime .. i was stunned to find the americans still think  lee oswald shot kennedy.. when are they going to fully understand reasonable doubt , the laws of physics and pure old fashion greed whether it be for money or power …let the man rest in peace