slipped back into town last night about 9 pm… had a ball in auckland with bro. and now only 23 more days and i’ll be back there… visited some friends while i was up there as they were back from oz for a week ( jackie and aaron) all is well over there .. and i have some gear stored at jackies so while i was up there i moved it to bro’ place .. all my camping and fishing gear ..this will get used at christmas.. golf clubs as well….. i need to go camping…..the year before last we went to londons  ford and spent a week fishing and mucking around was just the best… this year we will go to port waikato..

camping at tora

camping/fishing matakona

londons ford

2 thoughts on “camping/fishing

  1. Sounds like a good time was had, maybe just what you needed. Lets hope this weather sorts itself out in the next 23 days eh………

  2. yeah had a good time.. didn’t want to come back. mike and kim have an awesome place . georgia is turning into a country girl .. possum traping etc.. asked how to skin it !!

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