Robert burns once said in a song ” last May a braw wooer can down the lang glen , and sair wi’ his love he did deave me”  and i have absolutely no idea what he is on  …spell check  shows nothing wrong… it shows how our language has changed in the last 250 years . but reading more of him  it also shows how little it has changed as well , like this…’twas in that place o’ Scotland’s isle , that bears the name o’ auld king coil , upon a bonny day in june….etc……the more i read of Robbie the more i like him


One thought on “mmmmmmmm……..

  1. last May a brave wooer came down the long valley and sore was his love he did weary me

    weird – but he was a bit passionate
    comment from a Scottish friend of mine – recommends site

    He’s an enjoyable challenge.

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