hells kitchen

i watched a bit of hells kitchen the other day , some of the contestant’s leave you wondering .. i am not a bad cook but  i don’t think i would cut it in that kitchen .. but i am still left in awe at the bumbling that goes on there , most of the mistakes are made through lack of common sense , and as my good friend Mer says  “common sense is not all that common”….i have found myself watching these type of programs lately and getting ideas from them . mainly how to be pretentious when talking about food… i found that the australian program was the best for this , and being known for my dislike for pretension ,  i was amazed that i kept flicking onto the channel..the aussie judges were so bad that i think that that was the reason that a watched it , just to see what they would do next.. on that note i will go and start dinner , and tonight i have par boiled smoky cured pork and  season vegetable slowly cooked in a robust cress stock…(a boil up.bacon bones , watercress , potatos)

pork bones and watercress

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