wild china


BBC Wild China

 with all the rubbish that makes up TV programing  it’s good to see a documentary like this making it on air.. what a wonderful thing TV could be if we put programs on that would leave us in awe instead of australian soaps or trashy american sitcoms.. perhaps we wouldn’t be so concerned about how much time people spend watching TV.. we may even find that it will complement our education system  instead of hindering it……..


eagle V shark

break out with the popcorn and coke ….  eagle v shark is on tv tonight.. i think it’s New Zealand’s best ever film……

A five star film

auckland’s power

i feel for the workers of transpower having to face an aggravated farmer … having worked on farms as a contractor for fonterra i know what farmers are like …most farmers are normal rational people , unlike the one i saw on TV tonight ,  and at any time if we felt threatened we did not enter the farm or we left the farm immediately   ( as the workers had done yesterday )…  what i saw on TV tonight was an irrational man trying to cover his tracts… the impression i got was that he , probably on some sort of ego trip , had stopped contractors on earlier accusations from entering  to do maintainance , like trimming trees , and now he is trying to place the blame on the power company … without gaining access to the land the contractor is powerless to act and therefore blameless… are we going to be held for ransom by an egotistical farmer packing a tantrum ?


today i made arrangements to pay IRD an overdue tax bill.. i only found out about this account on friday , to make matters worse i had 9 months penalty to pay on top… this always makes for a bad day..  on the sunday night news i was informed that the government has given the makers of avatar a 45 million dollar tax relief !!!! 

this weekend , world-wide , avatar grossed 1.2 billion dollars.. i don’t know how much it has grossed since it’s release but i am sure they can afford the 45 million dollars … weta studios are not a company we can be proud of , their greed outweighs any of there other actions … pay your tax bills , i do………………….

my favorite drug

quinine is by far my favorite drug.. taken for malaria this bitter-tasting powder ,  from cinchona tree bark , needed  carbonated water  to masked the taste..tonic was invented… then gin is added to mask the taste of everything..now we make quinine synthetically and add just enough to give a bitter taste to the tonic.. still tastes good to me.. i think i’ll go and have a G and T now… chin chin


day of the triffids

the day of the triffids is a post-apocalyptic novel .. i love it . my first contact with it , on the radio , i was in my teens ..i was given my first pot plant 30 odd years ago it was , and still is , called triffid ( a rabbit’s foot fern ) i see it’s a mini series coming to TV soon..  i can’t wait ….. i do love old si/fi . parked up in front of the telly coke and popcorn in hand…… BLISS……..