new year new toy

in with the new

i  downloaded  my christmas photos off my camera and ran out of room on my laptop… so off to harvey normans to see some hard drives ( they have a sale on )  but ended up looking at laptops .. my old laptop is a bit old and slow , hooking more hard drive up to it wouldn’t help the speed, so i went to find a laptop that had all i needed…when i found one i then started uninstalling as many programs as it would allow me too ( a good way to pass the time waiting for a salesperson )  as always the sales person knew more about what i wanted than i did..i didn’t know i was into making short films , computer graphic and sitting up all night gaming.. and it always ends up at Norton v avg. the last straw as it were ,  being told that the banks would not support me if i used internet banking and lost all without Norton.. after a few seconds of stunned silence i turned on my heels and without a word,  left many people have been sucked in by this crap and brough something they don’t need ………………………  just across the road is dick smiths and after a pleasant conversation with a sales person about what i wanted i settled with a Toshiba  that was the same as the harvey norman one only $500 cheaper and she told me to load Norton 60 day test as it needs to be activated before uninstalling it..there is a difference between a sales person and some one who sells things.. i will not shadow harvey normans door again…………. now comes the real aggravation ,transferring all the photos / music / documents etc….


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