tips for the bar-be-cue

i have had some problems with my hand , after a fall, so i went to the doctor today and found out that i have fractured it..  while i was at the doctors i picked up a magazine to read , as always it was years old ( sometimes i think the half-life of a womans weekly is twice that of cesium )  as i flicked through the pages i came across a photo of a man at a barbecue with tongs in his hand , burning meat… the stereotype man at the barbecue needs to be erased …  it time we (men) threw down the tongs and headed into the kitchen for such things as Vol au vents , Eclairs , Coq au vin  and  berry chiffons … we are more than the sum of our parts ( hunter ,killer , provider) .. so tomorrow night i’m going to break away from the stereotype and throw some Eclairs on the barbecue……………..


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