well this will be my last post for a while , two weeks off , next stop bondi .. ill take some photos and post them when i get back .. no doubt there will be a few of Andy and i having a beer .. the blue mountains .. always the opera house … maybe a few from top of the bridge if they allow cameras up there.. staying in the maze in Pitt street , cheeeeeep accommodation , close to darling harbour /china town / paddys market and the chinese gardens …with the rail two blocks from the maze  its easy to see all of Sydney…. lots to do and look forward too …. and while this is going down i’ll quietly turn 50……… see you then


winter games

not having sky means i am on a diet of winter sport on prime.. two hours a night i get to enjoy the sceptical of the winter games .. we were told by prime that we would get good coverage , this is fine if you don’t work .. just once i would like to see sport of this caliber at a normal time .. tvnz had the summer Olympics and made a complete mess of that and now prime are doing the same ..can any of our tv channels produce an event that is good for all of us..

tax cuts

at last we will get our tax cuts … with an increase in G.S.T. we will be better off as the people who spend money will pay tax and those that don’t won’t.. the knee jerk reaction i saw on Campbell Live to-night by the higher income earners , about giving with one hand and taking with the other , was a façade for the lower-income earners to make them think that the higher earners care about their plight..the higher earners are only concerned with there own plight as they will pay more G.S.T on there large flat screen T.Vs , sound systems , and most of all their new cars .. never wanting to own a new car i will not be affected by G.S.T  as private sales will not be subject to it.. not owning a car i won’t be affected by fuel tax etc…  i’m happy………more money to pay my debts……

sea shepherd

i see on the news tonight that sea shepherd have had another collision with a whaling vessel .. this seems be a regular occurence… watching the film on TV tonight the whaling vessel is veering away from the sea shepherd when it is hit …..once again sea shepherd are putting peoples lives in danger… my support for sea shepherd  has now gone completely and anyone who supports their actions… there is no difference between killing someone with a gun or ship if the action is premeditated …………………


two weeks today i ‘m off to australia ..five nights in Sydney then three nights in Melbourne.. going up to the blue mountains , i may stop a night there , for a tramp .. not much planed i’m just going to kick back and take in the city ..i will definitely go to the chinese gardens , sit in the shade drinking tea and watching the koi carp.. i have not been to bondi yet so i will spend some time there , break out with the budgee smugglers , and also go to manly beach. …….i’m getting keen to go…….