tax cuts

at last we will get our tax cuts … with an increase in G.S.T. we will be better off as the people who spend money will pay tax and those that don’t won’t.. the knee jerk reaction i saw on Campbell Live to-night by the higher income earners , about giving with one hand and taking with the other , was a façade for the lower-income earners to make them think that the higher earners care about their plight..the higher earners are only concerned with there own plight as they will pay more G.S.T on there large flat screen T.Vs , sound systems , and most of all their new cars .. never wanting to own a new car i will not be affected by G.S.T  as private sales will not be subject to it.. not owning a car i won’t be affected by fuel tax etc…  i’m happy………more money to pay my debts……

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