amazing day

saturday was just the best day… it all started on the 2 nd march .. i was coming home from australia and i spent a night at kim and mikes , in the morning i was talking to kim and she asked if i was coming up at easter ,i didn’t know that easter was going to be early, i said that i would like to and would look into i got home and checked out the busses to Auckland (for those who don’t know i don’t own a car) and there fairs were doubled so i started to look into other forms of transport ..i found a car rental down the road that was cheep and gave you unlimited km’s so i will hire one over easter .. then i decided to hire one to go down to see Ros and Tudor in carterton  as it was so cheep(cheaper than the bus).. so on saturday at 7am i set out to carterton with a stop in palmerston north to see Mer (an old friend ) , spent a few minutes with Mer , as he was at work , and said i would drop back on my way home.. spent 5 hours with Ros and Tude then on my way home stopped in at Mer’s and spent 3 hours there..there was no rushing around and no need to be anywhere , no pressure ..i got home at 11 pm tired but happy….

One thought on “amazing day

  1. Glad you had a good day dude – we certainly did 🙂 Clayton was pretty disappointed though ;-( Told him he might catch up with you at our going away..
    Thanks for coming down our way.. It was really great to see you.

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