crunchy or smooth

the world is divided into two category’s those who like crunchy peanut butter or smooth peanut butter…resently i hired a car for the weekend  ,having a bicycle as my only form of transport shopping is small amounts often , so i did a full weeks shopping and brought all the large quantities ..when it came to peanut butter they had run out of crunchy and i’m a crunchy guy  ( death before smooth ) i stood in the peanut butter isle in a quandary … i ended up getting the smooth ( better than nothing )  yesterday making my lunch ( peanut butter ,brie and anchovy ) i opened the jar of smooth  … i haven’t had smooth for so long that i had forgotten how smooth it was , god it was nice ,  i think that every now and then we should see thing from the other persons prospective …. you never know where this will lead……………

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