coen brothers

well i have had a bad run with dvds of late , everything i have rented i have not finished watching … tonight i rented A Serious Man  , this is a film by the Coen brothers … it stated slow , but these guys know how to make a film , and soon had me hooked .. i found it was very much like a woody allen , a wonderful style of film making… not there best work but still worth five stars…………….


new zealand music month

may the 1st sees the start of new zealand music month … this means that renting CDs from the library is cheep and in some libraries it’s free , burn cheep music .. this is only one of the things that i look forward too.. there are numerous bands touring the country and this year is no different .. i’m off to see Dragon and the Jordan Luck band in a local venue and at a reasonable price … if you want to know what is on just google NZMM and follow your nose…..

2000 hits

i’ve been hit 2000 times …. most of these were for a post about gin , a gin day , and very few for my comments about social and political issues .. so with this in mind , bottoms up and thanks for looking in…







knockando single malt whiskey

for many years i have heard the name knockando.. heard the funny stories , ask mike and i’m sure he will be happy to repeat them , and how other whiskeys pale to it .. well tonight i found a bottle in the local outlet  … cheers

a visitor

 last Wednesday i had a call from my brother , he was coming up my way, wanting to drop in and visit… we made all the usual arrangements and on thursday he turned up .. i haven’t seen him for three years so we were up all night chatting .. i went to work on friday and when i got home we hade a night out at the club, drank ,  played pool , gambled etc , generally had a good night with both of us coming out winners.. saturday was a day spent fishing  .. a few more beers and sunday he moved on ……it was an awesome visit….

beast of burden

beast of burden

got a new seat and seat post today, put some peddles on , and took it for a ride.. spent last night tweaking the gears and brakes and all seem to work well so i took it for a ride.. what a beast