knockando single malt whiskey

for many years i have heard the name knockando.. heard the funny stories , ask mike and i’m sure he will be happy to repeat them , and how other whiskeys pale to it .. well tonight i found a bottle in the local outlet  … cheers


6 thoughts on “knockando single malt whiskey

  1. well two knockando’s and i’m out of lives up to all the stories.. looking forward too the 22nd , i’ll see you then …………………

  2. Drink too much Knockendo, then you have to go to the loo maybe to do a poo. Lets hope you miss your shoe. If not theres not a lot you can do. Better have another knockendo!! Could listen to a didderydo. Find a friend named peggysue. Talk about what you could get up too! Whilst having another knockendo…..alright i’ll stop there!

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