phat night in row B

last night was better than i could have imagined , two of the best NZ bands at the end of a tour … both bands were well polished , with more than twenty years of hits behind them , the crowed knew all the songs … Jordan Luck was at his best and had everyone singing the songs for him and rocking the house down …. with a break between the two bands it gave us time to get our second wind.. from the very first song Dragon , Mark Williams (replacing the late Marc Hunter on lead vocals) ,  had us on our feet .. when the first cords of april sun were played the night took off .. it was a stunning night and will be remembered for great new zealand music ………………….


the new car

took my new car for a drive down to the waiarapa over the weekend..  burned a few carbon credits but had a good time …. the car has made a instance impact on my life , having to get back home for work on sunday , i came back home from the waiarapa on saturday through palmerston north .. i stopped in palmerston north to visit a mate and found out that there is plenty of work down there , food for thought … on sunday the job i had to do only took 3 hours so i went fishing , didn’t catch anything as the river was up and dirty but had a good afternoon .. took the car to work this morning as it was raining , so good to get to work dry ………………………..

blast from the past

as there is still nothing worth watching on tv , i have been going through the back catalog in the video outlet.. the outlet i go to have a section of highly recommended , this is stocked by someone with completely different tastes than me , there are only a few that i would recommend so i rummage through the cheep sections .. tonight i watched a film called “the white countess” it was released 4 years ago and stars ralph fiennes and natasha richardson , i think her best performance …it is set in a turbulent china in the 1930’s and is a masterpiece …i have seen it before and still enjoyed it this time around  .. personally i think it should be in the highly recommended section instead of  “american pie ,the wedding” there is no accounting for some peoples taste ..

upwardly mobile

the push bike is going to take a back seat this week as i have purchased a car .. i haven’t used a car for 19 months now and i am looking forward to the freedom that a motor vehicle can offer .. as a keen fisherman i will be hitting the rivers around here , I’ve only been out fishing three times since moving here a year ago , i think winter is the best time to fish as long as the rivers are low…. the golf clubs will get an airing as well.. but most importantly , people will be visited…..

sherlock holmes

as the cold and wet weather continues more and more DVDs are being watched … Sherlock Holmes is the latest new release.. this is a film by guy ritchie , one of my favourite directors , a more realistic look for the famous sleuth… all ‘n’ all a good rumble and an interesting storyline, typical of guy ritchie .. well worth the effort….

the real meal

anzac day

i can’t pass up the opportunity to comment on the joke PM John Keys made the other day about Tuhoe having him for dinner…. one of the qualities i admire in John is his sence of humor…. as the pressure of the treaty settlement draws closer we all need to stand back and review our positions , this is one of our most important settlements to date and will affect a large number of new zealanders , i felt it was a remark that would add a little light relief …. this would do us good as we have always been able to have a laugh at ourselves … turning this into a cannibalistic statement is only sensationalism reporting by the media , turning it into political point scoring for Tuhoe…  lighten up guys …..