the icy fingers of winter griped the small hamlet of hastings today. still not cold enough to put the electric fire on yet but it was cold enough to start to think of all the wonderful things to do in winter… winter is a time of the year that i like .. these are a few things i like about winter..

open fires (a thing of the past now)

lying in bed listening to the bad weather

hot soup on a cold afternoon

dressing up warm to walk to the pub

 hot coffee in a warm cafe

trout fishing when it’s snowing ( i don’t  get to do this as much as i would like)

sitting on the couch wrapped in a duvet reading

watching dvds ALL day

cold clear evenings spent at the trotting track

One thought on “winter

  1. Yep – love all of those except the trotting part, and maybe the trout thing, sounds really cold.

    I am enjoying tonight, it’s freezing here and have the fire going. Dragged the sofas right up in front of. Could have heat pump on but not as cozy.

    Poll got beaten up by Molly, Phillipa’s dog today, while she was on a ‘getting used to it’ visit. Not sure what we will do yet.

    You coming on the 22nd?

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