kiwi rail

on the news tonight i see kiwi rail and the government do not want to make the new trains for Auckland here in new zealand.. it would appear that they , both the government and kiwi rail , would rather support the korean economy than our own … the $250 million project would only need an outlay of $8 million according to kiwi rail , they felt this was too much and we don’t have the skills therefore would be unable to build them… i think that the government-owned kiwi rail and the government have their heads collectively ensconced somewhere they should not be…. there is an old saying “you can’t see the forest for the trees “… where they have their heads you can’t see anything……  my advice to them is to remove their heads and show some sort of faith in the new zealand workers , these i might add are the same workers that are leaving new zealand in droves for work opportunities in australia.. if you can not trust us to do our job how can we trust you to do yours?


2 thoughts on “kiwi rail

  1. even if the budget over runs it still kept in our economy … i would rather see my taxes pay for a budget blow out (if that were to happen ) than pay EX members of parliament travel perks…….

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