auckland city

as winter is traditionally a time of year that i work , it is a little frustrating to be doing very little …. so i decided to look around for another job ..i have been waiting for a call from a company in palmerston north as they have been getting some work .. and last night i applied for a job in auckland , the job was advertised 3 weeks ago so i was not expecting a result.. when i got home tonight i had a message from the company in palmerston north and an email about the job in auckland , it would appear that it is still vacant …  it will be an interesting day tomorrow .. i will look into the job in auckland……..



the new zealand soccer team exit the would cup undefeated , positioned ahead of the defending champions….. well done guys this is a result that we dared to dream … now we need the government to fund the sport properly so we can improve the game and continue to build on this success………

a week of fantasy and steampunk

` its been a full week .. it started with a good book , one of those that grab you from the start , this means that the tv has not been on , even for the news… the author is well-known , robin hobb , but i have not read any of her books .. now i will seek more of her work out … this was the main stay of my leisure time with the news coming from the computer , from that i  stumbled across a fad called steampunk .. in short steam punk is Victorian dress with si/fi accessories  eg. laser guns etc .. this is a little bit out there but some of the jewellery was cool ..

white is the new black

not being a soccer fan i have watched the world cup build up with only a little interest .. i have been slowly drawn to the game by the coverage that local matches get….  to hear how well our team did this morning was amazing , we tend to think that there is only one team in this country that is world-class.. today was a turning point as our rugby team becomes a lesser force the all whites stand up …well done guys ,win , lose or draw  you’ll come home as heroes

porn and the politician

the news is telling us nothing we don’t know .. a politician using tax payers money to watch porn. this is only one of the politicians in the spotlight ..what a difference a little power will do to an ordanary person children in a lolly shop .. it was Lou Read that said in a song ” do we need another dirty politician caught with his pants down and money sticking in his hole ” how true it is .. the worst thing about what Lou was saying is he is talking about another country.. politician the world over are the same…..

martyr or muppet

the captain of the whaling protest vessel ady gil , Peter Bethune , has admitted to taking a bow and arrow on the peaceful protest … this is against the anti whaling protest group , sea shepherd , policy of non violent protest… sea shepherd has ban Bethune from their organization….to take a weapon suggests a willingness to use it .. this brings back into question the actions of Bethune when the ady gil collided with a whaling vessel on 6th of january ….. somehow i don’t think he will be remembered as a martyr more likely as a muppet…….