many years ago i was in the UK and working in  london ..every day driving into town started with the traffic reports to find the quickest way in .. a few times there was no way around the jams , one day as i was heading in i heard there was a problem in town and the traffic was starting to back up, i was only a mile or two from the M25 so i turned onto it along with everyone else and it took 3 hours to travel 1 mile ….  tonight while i was on-line i tuned in to the BBC and the morning news came on then the traffic reports , and suddenly i was taken back to that time … i think i will have to tune into the BBC more often , it’s better radio than we get here


hanging out for summer

as the days slowly get longer i’m hanging out to get out in the wilderness.. and i don’t have to go far to see scenes like this

the bush
gray river


south island

sir bob bows out

now days

the early days

the one thing every golfer dreams of is a hole in one , this i achieved at the age of nineteen , but the other less chased goal is shoot your age .. this has still eluded me .. unlike my golfing hero Sir Bob Charles , this he has achieved in two tournaments ( aged 71 ) .. Sir Bob has , just this week , played his last pro tournament (aged 74) … in 1954 as an amateur he won the new zealand open , he won 70 tournaments in all , in 1963 the british open.. ….50 odd years at the top-level of the game … thanks for the memories bob , you are the best golfer to have ever played the game…….

the last game

bombay gin does it again


as more people visit morporc’s site (more than three thousand in all) it becomes apparent that bombay gin is still the most popular subject that i have written about .. this does not put me off , i myself enjoy the blue gin , i am sure that this is not the last time i will mention it …. thank you all for looking in and don’t be shy to comment , good or bad…


world cup

the spectacle is over and a result that will make some happy and some sad … for us in new zealand  we are over the moon ,  we were the only team to leave undefeated……..