just a very short blog today…. winter is a time for hibernation and the medical world is telling us we shouldn’t do this..we should get out and about , i have only two words for them.. SOD OFF … i’m going to have a hot bath and then go to bed and read all night…… still into robin hobbs trilogy “ships of magic” … the best fantasy i have ever read….


2 thoughts on “hibernation

  1. Glad you are enjoying – sounds lovely that hibernation stuff. I of course, am in the middle of summer so hibernation does not apply. However, somehow I wish I could crawl into a small, dark cave, must be because I am not used to having two summers in a row.

    Seen lots of trout here by the way. Some have your name written on them!

    Hope you are well..

    • as much as i like summer i do enjoy a good winter.. the other day i was off work with a cold so i turned the heater on in the bedroom and sat in bed reading and drinking soup all day,the best day ever…..i have enjoyed an english winter, warm pubs ,dark outside etc. it dosen’t get that good here….i’m sure that it won’t be that long before you know what i’m talking about … i’ll get over there for a christmas but maybe not this year….

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