many years ago i was in the UK and working in  london ..every day driving into town started with the traffic reports to find the quickest way in .. a few times there was no way around the jams , one day as i was heading in i heard there was a problem in town and the traffic was starting to back up, i was only a mile or two from the M25 so i turned onto it along with everyone else and it took 3 hours to travel 1 mile ….  tonight while i was on-line i tuned in to the BBC and the morning news came on then the traffic reports , and suddenly i was taken back to that time … i think i will have to tune into the BBC more often , it’s better radio than we get here


One thought on “bbc

  1. I’m with you o that one. I listen to bbcradio2 cos the music is good aswell as the dj’s. Only thing is the time difference!!! KIM xxx

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