a day off



go green!!!!


grolsch beer

for some time i have been buying grolsch beer , there 2 reasons    1) the beer is soooo yummy    2)the bottles have a swing cap  , and saving the bottles with the thought of putting down a brew of my own …. well i have put the brew down and i still don’t have enough swing cap bottles so i have been drinking grolsch all week and i’m still short … i have a 4 days to come up with enough bottles , this may be my last blog that is comprehensible for a few days

grolsch bottles


the brew


loch tay

loch tay

cold as bro

many years ago i was touring Scotland and i came across the crannog centre , crannogs were built over water , instantly i was hooked .. these building were in use about 2500 years ago and sites are found all over the UK…. they resemble yurts but were permanent structures ..set up on poles over water for protection from wild beasties of some sort.. the domestic herds were sometimes housed around the living area , under the roof but separated from the living area by a wall , this formed a living insulation… these are some photos of the crannog at loch tay , it was made the way they would have made them

more yurts

i still haven’t got this bout of yurts out of my systems.. after last nights blog i went in search of more yurts in their natural enviroment and found these…

camels look warm


yurt or ger

yurt heaven


i have a fixation on yurts and the other day while i was surfing the net i went looking on google earth for some , i knew that the Mongolians use them as their main form of abode .. so i started at the capital and followed the roads out untill i came to a place called Dalanzadgad .. almost all of the town were yurts  , the satellite photos were not that good but you could see how many there were.. this was the only photo that showed the yurts at ground level

a night out

on friday i decided to go to palmerston north for the night .. i had plans of hitting a few bars , seeing who was out and about , have a few beers and come home on saturday.. sounded like a good plan.. i took a motel close to the centre of town , cost a bit  but was walking distance from the bars , parked the car up .. after a quick shave and shower i was ready to go.. the plan was to go to the celtic bar and have a few pints of guinness then on from there.. to get to the celtic i had to go past the movie complex , i thought i would see what was on , Inception was on and i had just enough time to grab a burger and walk in  so i did.. what an awesome film ..its one of those films that you need to watch more than once , and it is one of those films that you can watch more than once.. i give it 5 stars.. so my weekend ended without any guinness but i’m sure i’ll get over that.. nothing like a night at the movies