a night out

on friday i decided to go to palmerston north for the night .. i had plans of hitting a few bars , seeing who was out and about , have a few beers and come home on saturday.. sounded like a good plan.. i took a motel close to the centre of town , cost a bit  but was walking distance from the bars , parked the car up .. after a quick shave and shower i was ready to go.. the plan was to go to the celtic bar and have a few pints of guinness then on from there.. to get to the celtic i had to go past the movie complex , i thought i would see what was on , Inception was on and i had just enough time to grab a burger and walk in  so i did.. what an awesome film ..its one of those films that you need to watch more than once , and it is one of those films that you can watch more than once.. i give it 5 stars.. so my weekend ended without any guinness but i’m sure i’ll get over that.. nothing like a night at the movies

6 thoughts on “a night out

  1. Well – that sounds like good, quiet, sober fun. Glad you had a good time – it’s a lot of money to pay to go to the pictures though, lol!

    • oh how times have changed , the movies over a bar….. in my defence i have always said palmerston north has the best movie complex i have ever been to… and they do have the best library……

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