yurt heaven


i have a fixation on yurts and the other day while i was surfing the net i went looking on google earth for some , i knew that the Mongolians use them as their main form of abode .. so i started at the capital and followed the roads out untill i came to a place called Dalanzadgad .. almost all of the town were yurts  , the satellite photos were not that good but you could see how many there were.. this was the only photo that showed the yurts at ground level


6 thoughts on “yurt heaven

  1. Well done mate – that was a bloody good idea – to use Google I mean. Love the yurts but don’t think I’d like the surroundings. Is it desert or something?

    • the bleakness is the attraction . i read an artical somewhere
      about a guy who spent a month in one over winter on the steppes , sounds a bit hard but you only really know if you do it yourself….

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