let the games begin

it has already started , the excuses for not competing , and as i said in my last blog dengue fever has been in india since the dawn of time .. my grandfather went to india back in 52 and dengue was rife .. he was there  in an era that there were no controls over it , his party returned safe.. i think what is bugging me the most is the attitude that we are better than the india people and  it is arrogant to tell them that the best that they can do is not acceptable to us , then when the accommodation is found to be alright, use a disease as an excuse to pull out… it would appear to me that these sports people are looking for any reason to not go.. watching an interview on TV the other night the cyclist  , who was pulling out , took the entire interview to tell us the reason he was pulling out was dengue fever and the rest of the interview was fragmented and confusing , he just didn’t want to go and was looking for a way out that made him look like the aggrieved party …how would we react if rugby teams pulled out of next years world cup because we have one of the highest rates of meningitis in the world ? ……just go and enjoy the difference ,  millions of tourist do every year…………….

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