after the tramp on saturday we went to a hot pool to soak and ease the pain.. on sunday we were still a bit sore so we went to the beach then home to a quiet drink on the deck…….

drinky poos at dusk


weekend tramp

i spent the long weekend in auckland …. we went for a tramp up to the wairere waterfall … what an awesome place … here are the photos

ready to start
crossing the river/stream
the walk up
the steps up
wairere waterfall
georgia and morporc
mike and georgia at the top
the tramping party
over the edge
lunch at the top

wildlife centre

went down to masterton the other weekend …. on the way home i stopped into the wildlife centre at mount bruce.. anyone traveling through to the waiarapa should stop in and take a look , i was impressed …  when i was there it was raining but that still didn’t put a  damper on my visit , here are some photos

hihi . centre of photo
kokako. this guy was friendly

the games

 the commonwealth games are over ….  what an awesome event , it has taken up all my spare time .. the only disappointment was the athletes that chose to boycott the games .. i find their attitude unacceptable , as professionals they have a responsibility to their sponsors ,they have known for four years that the games were in india  .. by backing out days before the event they cost someone else a chance to go ……………..

the commentators were entertaining …… this was my favorite line , from one of the netball commentators ,    “its daja vu all over again ”   ….

to all who went    thank you and well done………………