pike river coal mine

to all those effected by this disaster you have my deepest sympathy…………



it’s not been a good end of year for me  …torn ligament in my knee , now i have just had my top teef taken out .. i put my teef under my pillow but the toof fairy didn’t take them ,or leave any money, bitch! i still have two more teef to come out but they will need to be taken out by a surgeon.. only god knows what that will cost…..


all is happy in this house with a royal wedding in the near future…. this is the culture of my ancestry, most of the time the local culture hi jacks events in this country , i intend to revel in the pomp and ceremony …. Rule Britannia…..

rugby league


this weekend saw the kiwi rugby league team beat the australian team … they are a hard team to beat so we are a little bit happy this side of the tasman.  we have a saying here that compares the three codes , rugby union , rugby league and australian rules.

it goes like this — rugby union is a thugs game played by gentlemen

                             — australian rules is a gentleman’s game played by thugs

                             — rugby league is a thugs game played by thugs

this proved to be true , but what a spectacle , the kiwis chanced their arm in the last-minute and snatched victory…..

kiwi creche

there is a small lake about an hour drive away from here … the dept. of  conservation have fenced it and turned it into a kiwi crèche .. the young kiwi are kept there untill they are big enough to defend themself in the open bush .. the day i was there  10 of the little buggers were in there , nowhere to be seen as they are nocturnal..  i went there to go fishing , the lake has trout in it, and to walk around the lake … it’s about 45 minutes to walk around the lake and there is a longer bush walk ……here are some photos

the lake
rainbow trout
bush walk
an empty kiwi hole


those who know me know , know that i’m a bulldog supporter …Sony Boy Williams has been a thorn in my side ever since he broke his contract with the dogs … now that he has made the AB’s i look forward to seeing  his skills again ..                                                               all is forgiven , play well mate……