keith richards


i was given Keith Richards new book “Life”  for christmas  and i am enjoying it… it gives a different spin on the urban myths that have surrounded the stones … i have been a big stones fan since i was a teenager and first heard ” Black and Blue ” … the stones have only been to new zealand a few times and i have seen them twice, the first time they were here i was 5 years old the last time i was 46  ..the last time they were here i decided to get as close to them as i could , in this day and age that means spending money, $480 NZD and i was up front .. this pirce was worth while as Ronny Woods looked down at me ,smiled , and flicked me his guitar pic…. if you like rock music or playing the guitar this book is a must read.. of all the rock bio’s that i have read i rate this as the best…. 

$480 pick

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