some girls

the stones

reading about the rolling stones  keeps them on top of your thoughts .. on saturday i went into town , as the weather was crap and i couldn’t go on a planed fishing trip to lake waikaremona ,  and hit the local second-hand record shop.. i must at this time say that it is one of ,if not possibly,  the best record shop in the country.. so i went through the stones bin and came up with two goodies the first was “sticky fingers” and the second was a bit of a score , it is my favorite stones album , “some girls”  and the cover is the first uncensored one  … for those who don’t know the cover has photos of celebs on it and they ( lucille ball , farrah fawcett , liza minnelli representing her mother judy garland , raquel welch , the estate of marilyn monroe ) threatened legal action so the second cover was censored… the music is still the same  .. so saturday arvo was spent listening to some cool sounds……………………

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