every time i turn the computer on the death toll has risen….the darkest days are yet to come…


census 2011


every 6 years we are told by the government that we have to fill out a census form or we will face criminal charges… i don’t like being told this so every 6 years i try to dodge it .. i just sign it , date it and hand it back .. name , rank and serial number… this goes down like a lead balloon with the volunteer dropping off and picking up the papers …. the volunteers insist that you fill out the entire form or face prosecution…. they have been trained to deal with people like me , but i am a stubborn bastard… they tell you that you have committed a criminal offence , if i am a criminal i have a right to remain silent and so it goes on like that….. in the end they take the papers and go.. there is a reason that i don’t like filling out these forms..  its information on me that business, members of the private sector , iwi etc can use to make money … they can make money by targeting people like me, the infomation defines a market for them without financal input … the taxpayer funds the census… if the infomation was only used by the government i may be inclined to fill out the forms…

paris hilton

team paris

over the years paris hilton has had a bad time with the press .. she is hounded at every turn when she has done something that they think is wrong … in reality she has done nothing that most of haven’t done ourselves , except for the sex video ( i ,myself haven’t ruled that out yet ) .. in the news the other day it was reported that her and one of her friends will step into the boxing ring for charity , but as always not much was reported .. why is nothing said , the  press are not interested in positive news.. anything positive ends up as the last , two-minute , news item after the weather.. how much of our social problems are caused by the media and the way it reports events.. with freedom of the press also comes responsibly .. its time to report all news without sensationalism as its core.  here is another project that paris has started and only got the two-minute after the weather slot… team paris motorsports

lake waikaremoana

i went to waikaremoana for a look and a fish.. i didn’t get any fish but the place was fantastic.. there are two large lakes and several small ones ..waikareiti is smaller than waikaremoana and 300 mts higher up ,  so it is a bit of a walk to get to it but well worth the effort… DOC rent out row boats on waikareiti ,so i took one for the day and had a ball…there is a small lake on an island on waikareiti , i rowed out to see it and take some  photos and here are some ……..

view from cabin
fishermans cabin
small lake on an island on waikareiti
track to waikareiti
row boat , waikareiti
lake waikareiti
aniwaniwa falls