lake waikaremoana

i went to waikaremoana for a look and a fish.. i didn’t get any fish but the place was fantastic.. there are two large lakes and several small ones ..waikareiti is smaller than waikaremoana and 300 mts higher up ,  so it is a bit of a walk to get to it but well worth the effort… DOC rent out row boats on waikareiti ,so i took one for the day and had a ball…there is a small lake on an island on waikareiti , i rowed out to see it and take some  photos and here are some ……..

view from cabin
fishermans cabin
small lake on an island on waikareiti
track to waikareiti
row boat , waikareiti
lake waikareiti
aniwaniwa falls

8 thoughts on “lake waikaremoana

  1. Whow it looks great. When can I go!!! Herd the plan for Easter sounds great…also an option is the Pinicles near Thames. Its a 2 day walk over night or at a pace 1 days walk (don’t recoomend that) KIM xxx

  2. Wow – looks absolutely beautiful. What a great trip, glad you had a good time 🙂
    We is moving – we will be having a good time too!

  3. A good trout fishing spot is on the Waikaretaheke river just before Tuai village on the way to Lake Waikaremoana. The water flow from the Piripaua power station needs to be low for a success fish. Spinners are permitted downstream of this power station.

    • yeah , i stoped there ,Tuai , and had a look on the way home… they have a photo of the big one that came out of there ( its the nz record i think)… cool spot…..

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