a day off

i had a day off on Tuesday so i went for a tramp up to a local waterfall .. it was the first time i have been there so i didn’t know what to expect.. it was a nice easy hike through rolling farm land and then through some native bush.. all the time i could hear the stream but couldn’t see it.. just before the falls the track dropped to the stream edge .. a pleasant way to spend a day off , lunch by the stream

the walk in
the stream
shine waterfall

the famine is over

yesterday i had nothing to read .. today when i got home this little pile , all but “the secrets of the druids” which i had taken out of storage last night because i had nothing to read , was in the post ..

a bit of a read

the $ 1 box

as i said in yesterday’s blog  , i went shopping for second-hand records .. while i was looking through the $1 box i found an old record by bachman . turner overdrive ( recorded in 1974 ) … this record was the first album i got into , at 14 years old hearing this album made me understand what music was all about.. so as well as listening to elton john ( captain fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy )yesterday i was whisked back to my youth and i was not disappointed.. it was so good i played it twice…..

captain fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy

i went out for a fish today but the rain in the hills has left the rivers up and dirty… so nothing else to do but go looking at second-hand record shops, in search of the elusive “captain fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy” by elton john.. i have been looking for this album for some time now , awesome art work , so i went into one of the many second-hand shops that i frequent .. as i was about to leave i saw the $1 box so i had a look through it , the very last album was captain fantastic ………….. it was in the $1 box because it was slightly warped , being slightly warped myself i don’t see this as a reason to be marked down , what a score the grove is undamaged ….. a wet afternoon listening to good music.. bliss


I’ve been out of the loop lately and i have just heard liz has died… we haven’t seen much of her lately so i think i’ll hit the classic section in the video rental store ………….

steampunk : fantasy : art

my interest in steampunk goes back to its origins .. art and fantasy , two of my favorite subjects .. reading authors like brian adliss and the cover art on his books , by patrick woodroffe , was just the beginning.. then came h r giger and the “alien” with that i looked further into giger and was amazed at what i found

h r giger..
you see woodroffe in this
similar fashion to the woodroffe below
alicia and sarah
the tower
the guns of avalon
blue man :not steampunkbut i think he is cool

horse of the year

at this time every year the hawkes bay is over run with Horse of the Year .. Hastings is turned into camp city as people from all over the country and australia come to show and compete with their horses.. horse floats start arriving a few days before the event and there is something exciting about watching the build up to the five-day event , here are some photos .. the little ones are cool….

horse of the year
ready to go
full house
the little guys
the big guys
lurking on the infamous grassy knoll
hangin with mates
Mister Ed come for a look