the good the bad and the ugly


there is not a lot of good you can say about an earthquake  , there is a lot of good you can say about the way people stand up to a challenge.. the students of this country will make us proud .. after the september earthquake in Christchurch they started with a hand full of volunteers  to help clean up the city , five month later , after another devastating quake they are a thousand strong  .. they are not there because they are paid to be , they are not there to sell papers , they are not there for the ratings they are there to help any way they can.. perhaps some of the media superstars can take a leaf out of their book … to feign anger at local officials  , who are dealing with their own personal issues as well there pubic duties , to get a sensational story and improve your ratings and persona is NOT journalism .. instead of the government thinking that we should charge interest on student loans to pay for the cost of the earthquake we should use the funding from TVNZ  NEWS… the students are the good, the earthquake was the bad and the media , THE UGLY!!!……..


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